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Add an override group

This article applies to:AvaTax

Organize multiple rate and rule overrides by assigning them to override groups. Each override group can have multiple override items.

You can add tax rate overrides, tax rule overrides, and tax types to the override group as you create it, and you can edit the override group to add or remove items as needed.

Before you begin

Be sure that Avalara has migrated your customizations into the Customer Portal.


A warning icon

Avalara recommends testing all customizations in your sandbox account before you add them to your production account. After you add customizations to your production account, run test transactions or use the tax determination calculator to make sure you receive the expected results before you complete any bill runs.
  1. In the Communications Customer Portal, select Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, next to Customizations, select Manage.
  3. On the Manage customizations page, select Overrides, and then select Add override group.



    If you have an overrides JSON file, select Upload file so you can work with your existing sandbox data.   

  4. Name the override group, and select Next.
  5. Specify a tax authority. 
  6. Optional: Add any or all of the following override types to the override group.
    1. Add a tax rate override.
    2. Add a tax rule override.
    3. Add a tax type.
    4. Shut off a tax rule.
  7. Select View all added overrides.
  8. Select Confirm and save.
  9. You can assign the override group to a profile, and then select Save override group.

The override group is created, in addition to any associated tax rate and tax rule overrides that you added to the group. 

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