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Common Triggers for Sales Tax Compliance Risks

This video describes the basic triggers that risk your sales tax compliance.

  • Tax notices
  • Add new goods or services
  • Add a new company or location
  • Add an exempt customer
8 ways to keep your changing business in compliance

Get Started with Product Taxability Webinar

This video course describes the fundamentals of sales tax and the sales tax compliance process. It is a series of our Sales Tax Basics videos with knowledge checks to ensure your comprehension of sales tax concepts.

Before the webinar:

  • Activate your AvaTax account
  • Gather knowledge of your company's products and services
  • Review the tax code search tool or download the list of Avalara tax codes
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Add Compliance Documents to Avalara CertCapture Webinar

This workshop-based webinar walks you through the process of importing and validating documents.

Before the webinar:

  • Import customers
  • Gather a compliance document scanned as a PDF
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Get Started with Avalara Returns Webinar

Get ready for Avalara to file your returns. This webinar is an overview of the managed returns service. We'll cover the necessary documents and the filing workflow.

Before the webinar:

  • A list of where your company is registered to collect and pay sales and use tax
  • Gather together any Returns/registration documents such as registration IDs, EINs, Efiling
  • Gather together Legacy Filing documents: forms, form numbers
  • Have sales tax compliance representative review returns documents and if possible attend webinar
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Map Items in Bulk in AvaTax for Bigcommerce

Watch this video to learn how to map your products to tax codes in Avalara AvaTax for Bigcommerce via a bulk import template.

  • How to map items to tax codes
  • When to map items
  • Why item mapping is important

Avalara TrustFile Webinar

This recorded webinar is intended to get you up and running on TrustFile. We'll walk through your first log-in to setting up your TrustFile defaults. We'll demonstrate how to import and synchronize your transactions and best practice tips for filing your returns.

  • TrustFile overview
  • Florida surtax
  • ACH credits