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How do my Transactions in Avalara Consumer Use Feed to AvaTax and Returns?


You want to know how transactions flow from Avalara Consumer Use to AvaTax and wind up on returns


Avalara Consumer Use


Avalara Consumer Use pushes (commits) data to AvaTax via the Rest V2 API when action is taken in the Avalara Consumer Use User Interface. When a transaction has been committed in Avalara Consumer Use it will then push that transaction directly into AvaTax.

  • Where do the Avalara Consumer Use transactions show up in AvaTax?: Transactions are pushed to AvaTax, once committed in Avalara Consumer Use, as Purchase Invoices and as Accrual Amount Overrides.
  • Do Avalara Consumer Use transactions receive a new Doc Code once in AvaTax, or do they use the same Doc Code as the original invoice?: Consumer Use transactions receive their own Doc Code once in AvaTax, but it contains the original Doc Code from AvaTax so that the two can be found in relation to one another easily.
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