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Managed Returns for Accountants Table of Contents_Upgrade

Thank you for being a part of using the Beta version of Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants. This is an exciting time for us while we build the documentation that's most useful to you and future users. In this initial version, we're keeping the layout simple. We'll develop and publish images, diagrams, and workflows based on how you use the product. Some links are disabled while we're still working on the product and the documentation.



  • Overview

    Learn what you can do and how to navigate in the Managed Returns for Accountants environment. Skip to Setup if you want to get started.
  • Setup

    Get Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants up and running for your staff and your clients. Start from the top and work your way from your initial admin login to setting up the forms and schedules necessary for us to prepare and file returns for your clients.
  • Monthly Cycle Activities

    Perform activities monthly based on your clients' compliance needs. Some clients may need help setting up where they pay for their taxes, while others may have more complex activities involving prepayments, discounts, and credits.
  • Post-Filing

    Keep on top of what needs to be done after returns have been filed.
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