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Get a signed copy of client terms and conditions

Prior to becoming our customer, your firm signed a terms and conditions (T&C) document. One of the requirements of the T&C is for your clients to sign your own T&C document. Make sure to store a copy of it for inspection should we require it.

The T&C from your firm should include specific terms related to the client's obligation regarding funding, notice resolution, and the circumstances where we assume the penalty and interest liabilities versus when the client does. This could come into play if, for example, a notice from the Department of Revenue indicated that the client is owed money.

Before you begin

  • Review our T&C to understand your clients' responsibilities
  • Contact us if you have any questions prior to contacting your clients  


  1. Create and send a copy of your T&C to the client for signing. Consider using an electronic signature application. 
  2. Store the signed copy in your internal document repository. We also recommend that you attach a copy to the client record as a note in Managed Returns for Accountants.
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