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Manage Wisconsin Notices

This article applies to:Returns Central

Get the info you need to manage notices for Wisconsin, including submitting a power of attorney and understanding common issues.

Power of Attorney

Wisconsin requires a Power of Attorney (POA) for Avalara to resolve notices for you.

To submit a POA:

  1. Obtain and complete a Wisconsin Power of Attorney form
  2. Fax the completed POA form to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 608-327-0235
  3. Send the completed POA form and notice to us by submitting a case. Processing takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

After we have a POA on file, you don't have to submit another one unless something has changed.

Common Issues

This is the most common notice issue to resolve for Wisconsin. See Manage Tax Notices for additional details about resolving notice issues.

Issue Action
Filing frequency changed

Pay close attention to mail received from the Department of Revenue. Send notification of filing frequency changes to us by submitting a case immediately. Edit your scheduled returns to change the filing frequency.


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