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Manage Alaska Notices

This article applies to:Returns Central

Get the info you need to manage notices for Alaska, including submitting a power of attorney and understanding common issues.

Power of Attorney

There's no state sales tax in Alaska. Boroughs and municipalities collect local sales taxes within their jurisdictions. 

Alaska boroughs and municipalities usually don't require a Power of Attorney (POA) for Avalara to resolve notices for you. Refer to the notice for the contact info for the specific borough or municipality.

Common Issues

These are the most common notice issues to resolve for Alaska. See Manage Tax Notices for additional details about resolving notice issues.

Issue Action
Postmark dates not accepted

Some boroughs, like Palmer, don't accept postmarked dates on returns and payments. These returns and payments must be received by the due date, not postmarked by the due date. Mail the returns and payments as soon as possible so they'll be received by the due date.

Filing frequency changed Local jurisdictions often change the filing frequency. Pay close attention to information received from Alaska boroughs and municipalities. Send notification of filing frequency changes to us by submitting a case immediately. Edit your scheduled returns to change the filing frequency.


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