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Understand location-based returns filing

This article applies to:AvaTax

Some states require you to report sales separately for each location. This is known as location-based filing. Depending on the state, you might need to file a consolidated return that splits out sales by location, or you might need to file a separate return for each location.

Before you begin location-based filing, ensure to Add other company locations for location-based filing.

In location-based filing, following are the possible scenarios:

  • Single-location return filing for each location
    In this scenario, you file a separate return for each location. 
    You may also file an additional return that reports the sales that aren't associated with those locations. For example, if you have three locations in a state, you will file three separate returns. In addition, you will file a fourth return that covers the sales you made outside of those three locations. For example, the fourth location could be because you shipped the products directly to customers.
    An example of a single-location return is GA ST3 Sales return.
    For more information, see Add a separate return for each company location.
  • Multi-location return filing for all locations
    In this scenario, you file one consolidated return that reports the sales of all the business locations. To identify the return for multi-location filing, check for the keywords, such as “multi-location”, “for outlets”, “outlet filing”, or “consolidated return”.
    An example of multi-location return filing is GA ST3 Schedule for Outlets return.

    To understand the type of location-based return filing required in different states, refer to Returns Central.
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