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New York E-ZRep tr2000

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

To help streamline the returns filing process and enhance the customer experience, Avalara has created a Tax Professional Online Service account with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.  In order to use this service, each customer is required to provide authorization by completing New York Form TR-2000. 

Benefits of Tax Professional Online Service account

  • Avalara will be able to file and remit tax returns in your account electronically via the professional account.
  • The professional account enables filing continuity even when password requirements change or expire.
  • Avalara will no longer be required to use individual account credentials to complete returns online.
  • Failure to complete the E-ZRep may prevent Avalara from filing your return electronically, resulting in P&I issued from the State.


The US Compliance team recently created a Tax Professional Services account with the State of New York to help streamline the filing process (i.e., remove the need for Avalara to file New York returns via individual customer accounts as well as maintain customer specific credential information). The need for the bulk account became evident when New York recently implemented a password change for all taxpayers, causing Avalara to request each customer update and provide back their updated password. Because of the delays in obtaining updated credentials from customers, Avalara was forced to file New York returns for some customers  via paper, which the State does not typically permit. New York has been gracious enough to allow this filing method under the premise that we would work to create and begin filing through a Tax Professional account. However, in order to add customers to the bulk account, each needs to provide authorization via the New York Form TR-2000.

E-ZRep tr2000 form preparation help

Taxpayer Information & Business Services

To assist customers through the process, required fields have been pre-populated including the Customer Name, FEIN, and business services covered by this authorization.

Who can sign

  • A representative acting on the taxpayer’s behalf in the capacity of a corporate officer, partner (except a limited partner), member or manager of a limited liability company, or fiduciary.

  • See screenshot of Section 5 below.

Signature requirement

Digital signatures are accepted

Expiration Date

  • Avalara is leaving the expiration date blank; authorization will remain in effect as long as Avalara is providing the customer with New York filing services.   
  • See screenshot of Section 4 below.


 What impact will this authorization have on the customer’s individual New York Account?

This form will have no impact on your individual New York Taxpayer Account, you will still have access and be able to perform all activities as before.

How do I complete the authorization form?

  1. Click the link in the email provided to access the NY TR2000 E-ZRep Tax Information and Transaction Authorization Form and select Create requested document.
  2. Review and accept our Terms & Conditions.
  3. Select the NY Authorization Form in the drop down (if prompted); click Next.
    Image1A_E-ZRep TR2000.png
  4. Review a copy of the from by clicking the form link; click Next.
    This is a blank version of your form. Once you sign and submit, you will be able to download a copy of your filled out form for your record.
    Image2_E-ZRep TR2000.png
  5. Enter the full name and position of the representative providing authorization and sign.
    Image3_E-ZRep TR2000.png
  6. Click Submit.

What is covered under Business Services?

For additional information regarding the business services Avalara is authorized to perform, click here

Do I need to keep this form on hand?

Avalara recommends customers save a copy of the completed TR2000.  Customers are able to either email or download a copy of the completed form.

Image4_E-ZRep TR2000.png

Do I need to send this form to the State?

No, it is not required to send this form to the State, the State requirement is that Avalara is responsible to provide this form upon request.

Am I  required to do anything after signing the form?

 No action is required after completing the form.

What happens if I need to revoke or modify the form in the future

Create a support case and request to revoke or modify the form

Avalara already has access to our online account with the state and files/remit payments on our behalf.  What will change with signing this form compared to what I have already authorized Avalara to perform?

  • The professional account enables Avalara to continue filing even when password requirements change or expire.
  • Allows Avalara to receive and access your tax information and perform a list of delegated transactions on your behalf through Online Services.
  • Avalara will no longer be required to use individual account credentials to complete returns online.

Language for sections 4 & 5 from EZ Rep form


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