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Monthly filing timeline for Managed Returns

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Most of the returns Avalara handles on your behalf are filed monthly. This means, after you set up Managed Returns for the first time, your returns follow a regular cycle each month.

Monthly Returns cycle

Dates to remember

Let's say you're filing returns for June. The dates and deadlines would look like this:

  • June 1–20: Schedule your returns.
    And if you're filing with us for the first time, complete your funding power of attorney. The 20th-of-the-month deadline gives us time to review the returns. If you've already set up Managed Returns, you don't need to schedule again unless there are changes to your business.
    If you need to edit your scheduled returns, you have until the last day of the month before the month you're filing. For instance, if a return switched to quarterly filing starting in July, you'd need to change the filing frequency by June 30. 
  • July 5–10: Reconcile the returns you want us to file.
    • Remember that after you approve a return, its records are locked for that month.
    • If you do not approve a return by 5 PM PT on the 10th, Avalara automatically approves it on your behalf.
  • July 11–15: We withdraw money to pay for your returns from the bank account listed on your funding power of attorney.
  • July 11–20: We file your returns. 
  • July 31: View June's completed returns at AvaTax > Managed Returns.

Monthly Returns timeline

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