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Keep returns up to date

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

As your business changes, you might need to adjust the returns you initially set up. 

Common tasks

What you might want to do

Related topics

Review the places where you collect and pay tax
  • Review the tax types and the places where you're registered to collect and pay tax.
  • Determine the tax type to select for states and U.S. territories that have both sales and sellers use tax. 

Edit a return

  • If your credentials change, make sure Avalara has your latest e-filing name and password so that our team can continue to file your returns in the related jurisdiction.
  • Change the filing frequency.
  • File a return by location. 
Add a new return
  • Add a new return.
  • Set up the filing frequency for a return. 
Cancel a return 
  • Cancel a scheduled return.
Set up a prepayment
  • Set up recurring prepayments.
File a Canadian return
  • Learn how to manage Canadian sales tax and returns.


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