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Troubleshoot tax notice issues because of account ID mismatch

This article applies to:Avalara Returns for Accountants

Account ID mismatch occurs because of discrepancy between the following:

  • Account number on the scheduled return filed by Avalara
  • Account number registered with the state for the taxpayer

If Avalara comes across this issue during the filing cycle, Avalara files a paper return with the account number provided on the scheduled return. 

Account ID mismatch can lead to the following issues:

  • Rejection of returns
    In mandatory electronic states, paper returns are rejected in such cases.
  • Payments are applied to the wrong account.

If any of these issues happen, the taxpayer can face the following problems:

  • The burden of resolution falls on the taxpayer as the account number on the scheduled return was provided by the taxpayer.
  • This could include refiling returns, providing needed documentation to the state, or paying Penalties and Interest. 

Identify the account ID mismatch

In case of a mismatch, the following numbers are different:

  1. Account number listed on the notice
    This account number is usually mentioned on the top-right of the notice.
  2. Registration ID mentioned on the Avalara's scheduled return
    For the states, such as CO that have local returns, you may need to compare it with the local registration ID.

Resolve the account ID mismatch

To resolve the mismatch, do the following:

  1. Contact the state immediately to check the correct account number for the registration.

  2. Check with the state how they would like this issue to be resolved.
    Some states can move returns over to the correct account number, while other states have a more complicated process.
    If amended returns are required, you can amend in-house. Alternatively,  use the Avalara Professional Services for an additional fee to assist you. If you need this service, contact your account manager.

  3. Ensure that any duplicate accounts/registrations are closed.
    Some states create/register an account if they receive a return for it.

  4. Update the account number on the scheduled return in AvaTax.

Prevent account ID mismatch

To prevent account ID mismatch, do the following:

  • When scheduling a return in AvaTax, ensure to double check the account number provided to Avalara.

  • When in doubt, contact the state to verify the correct account number to be used.

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