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Add a user and set permissions

Create user permission groups and then assign users to the permission groups.

Permission groups control the pages in Managed Returns for Accountants that you can access. As an administrator, you can create unique permission groups, and then add team members to one or more groups based on their roles and responsibilities. Access can be specified at a high level (for example, Companies) or at a specific level (for example, create or edit a company).


  1. In Managed Returns for Accountants, go to Settings > Firms.
    The Firms page opens.
  2. Select Users.
    The Users page opens.
  3. Select the plus icon.
    The Create User menu opens.
  4. In the Create User menu, enter all required fields for first and last names, email address, and username.
    There is a 50 character limit for first and last names, email address, and username.
  5. From the Group menu, select the permission group for the user.
    If the built-in permission groups don't meet your need, learn how to create a custom permission group.
  6. Select Save.

If you need to edit a user after saving, select clipboard_edefeb6be31b99ed75233d7d245538d84.png and then select Edit. To change the permission group for multiple users, select the checkboxes for the users, and select the pencil icon above the table.

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