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Add a company group

You can use company groups to help direct your analysts to companies they are responsible for. Company groups can be based on whatever criteria you want to use, for example, company lists based on letters in the alphabet, states, regions, or even by the relative difficulty of prepping returns for those companies. Move client companies in or out of any group as you need to. Companies can be in one or more company groups.

To view the companies assigned to the group, use the Filters pane. You can use the company groups filter on the following pages:

  • Filing Tasks
  • Filing Calendars
  • Filing Requests
  • Notices 

Before you begin

Plan out how you want to group your client companies to best help your teams accomplish their filing tasks.


  1. In Managed Returns for Accountants, select Settings > Company groups.
  2. Use the Filters pane if you want to search for specific groups.
  3. Select the + icon in the table pane to open the Add new company group dialog.
  4. Select the company group settings:
    • Enter a descriptive group name.
    • Check the Make Public check box so the company group is visible to all analysts.



      When the Make public check box is unchecked, only the person who created the company group can use it for filtering.

    • From Available companies, filter the list if needed to locate the companies you want to include in this company group.
    • To move company names to the Assigned companies list, highlight one or more companies and select the right arrow button.
    • To remove company names from the Assigned companies list, highlight one or more companies and select the left arrow button.
  5. Select Save.

The company group is displayed in the table. If the group is not displayed, select the refresh icon. 

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