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Why can't the Business Address be saved?


You are trying to enter your Primary Business Address to one or more companies in TrustFile. However you are receiving an error:

"There was a problem saving the Address. An exact street name match could not be found."




  • This means the service is not able to find the address that matches what you have entered
  • This is usually due to the format of the address entered or an incomplete address
    • Please use the USPS standards for addresses
    • For example: 'One US Highway' should be '1 US HWY'
  • If you would like to test the address, please go to the USPS address lookup tool and enter your address
    • If the address cannot be found on this site, enter "General Delivery"(without the quotes) on line two of the address
      • If General Delivery does not allow you to save the address, it cannot be used in TrustFile