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What does Concierge service mean?


You are wanting a bit more information regarding Concierge service within TrustFile.




  • Some state returns are filed (and paid) electronically, immediately via API in TrustFile.  Other states are processed manually by our concierge team.
    • A concierge prepares the return on the state site, and saves it. 
    • You then receive an email from Avalara TrustFile, to let you know that filing is complete.
  • In order for Avalara to file on your behalf using the Concierge service, you need to have all your data and in a Requested status (hit File Now) by 10 days before the return Due Date.


Internal Notes Section: 

Please reach out in the TrustFile Slack Channel if there are any additional questions! 

  • Concierge service requires the customer to submit the return and pay it, we do not have access to their payment information
    • Customers enter account info in the software, so if we cannot automatically file it in the software we cannot provide the payment info to the state. 
    • Since Concierge returns are not filed through the software, we have no access to provide the payment info, which is why the customer has to pay it directly
  • Concierge service does not include amending OR backfiling, for customer communication, we only deal with the current term
    • Concierge takes no action for previous periods, BUT the concierge may elect to assist a customer with returns for a previous period if there is data for previous periods already loaded in the software when they submit the first concierge return
    • DO NOT OFFER backfiling or amended filing to a customer, the concierge will review the data when they file and determine if there are any additional services, such as filing a return for a previous month, to offer


  • If you need to escalate a request/issue related to Concierge service, engage Holly via a JIRA ticket

    • Enter a ticket in the TF (Trustfile Filing) project

    • Include the full account Company name, user name, and the state/form (filing period must be current)