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What does Concierge service mean?


You are wanting a bit more information regarding Concierge service within TrustFile.




  • Some state returns are filed (and paid) electronically, immediately via API in TrustFile.  Other states are processed manually by our concierge team.
    • A concierge prepares the return on the state site, and saves it. 
    • You then receive an email from Avalara TrustFile, to let you know that is complete, so you can go Submit and Pay the return (to complete the filing process)
  • In order for Avalara to file on your behalf using the Concierge service, you need to have all your data and filed by the 11th of the month following the period end.
    • Ie, for Q1 2017, the form needs to be filed by April 11th.


Internal Notes Section: 

Please reach out in the TrustFile HipChat room if there are any additional questions! 

  • Concierge service requires the customer to submit the return and pay it, we do not have access to their payment information
    • Customers enter account info in the software, so if we cannot automatically file it in the software we cannot provide the payment info to the state. 
    • Since Concierge returns are not filed through the software, we have no access to provide the payment info, which is why the customer has to pay it directly
  • Concierge service does not include amending OR backfiling, for customer communication, we only deal with the current term
    • Concierge takes no action for previous periods, BUT the concierge may elect to assist a customer with returns for a previous period if there is data for previous periods already loaded in the software when they submit the first concierge return
    • DO NOT OFFER backfiling or amended filing to a customer, the concierge will review the data when they file and determine if there are any additional services, such as filing a return for a previous month, to offer


  • If you need to escalate a request/issue related to Concierge service, engage Holly via a JIRA ticket

    • Enter a ticket in the TF (Trustfile Filing) project

    • Include the full account Company name, user name, and the state/form (filing period must be current)