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How do I change my filing frequency in TrustFile?


You have a different filing frequency selected in TrustFile than what you are registered for with the state and need to know how to change it.


  1. Click States & History from the top menu bar.
  2. Expand the state that you need to alter and click State settings
  3. Use the dropdown to select the proper form and frequency that you are registered for with the state. Note: if the form you are registered for is not listed, then it is not supported by TrustFile and we are unable to file the return for you. If the incorrect form or frequency is selected, we will be unable to file your returns until the correct one is selected.
  4. Ensure all required information for the state is entered. The required information varies state-by-state, so ensure you have entered all information that is requested on the form. For information on what is required for each state please refer to this guide
  5. Click Save. It can take a few minutes for the registration to be updated in the system at which point you will see a spinning wheel on all state settings until it is finished.

Example of CA State settings for reference.

Full state settings.PNG

Note: If you have auto-fill turned on in your browser it may override what you enter for your tax ID and username and password for all of the states so it is recommended to turn off auto-fill if you are seeing the username and password for a state not updating.

Note: Changing filing frequency needs to be done once filings for the current period are completed. If you receive a notice from a state with a frequency change for the next filing period, wait until the current period is complete and filed to make the change. For example, if you receive a notice that starting in January you are moving from an annual to quarterly filing schedule, wait until after you have submitted the annual filing in January to update the frequency.

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