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How do fix a transaction showing an error?


You see some transactions have an error like "Unable to determine the taxing jurisdictions." or "Tax override cannot be applied." with a red X, you want to know how to fix the error so the red X no longer shows in Transactions.




  • Review the transaction to determine how to fix it:
    • If it says, "Unable to determine the taxing jurisdictions," correct the address. Most likely the zip code doesn't exist in that state.
    • If it says, "Tax override cannot be applied," then the state listed on the transaction doesn't have state-level sales tax. Re-enter in correct state or change tax amount to 0.00.
      • If you have collected sales tax in a state with no sales tax, you must also be sure to refund the sales tax you collected to the customer or notify the state department or revenue to determine what to do with the money you collected. You can't keep the funds as profit.
  • Re-enter the transaction
  • Go to Transactions > check the Box next to the error > click Delete.