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How do I find the confirmation of filing in Trustfile?


I need to know where to find the confirmation of filing in TrustFile.




  1. Navigate to States & History in the menu bar
  2. Expand the state in which you are looking for confirmation
  3. Click the link for the specific return you need confirmation for
  4. If the File Now button was clicked, the Confirmation button will be active, click itConfirmation.PNG
  5. A new tab will open with the Transmission Status Report which will show when the return and payment was sent and accepted by the stateTransmission Report.PNG
  6. If the status of the return is still "Filing" nothing will appear on the report.
    • If it is past the due date and the return is still in Filing status we were unable to file your return. You should have received communication from our filing team with the reason. 
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