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Why is my QuickBooks Online connector not syncing in TrustFile?


You're trying to sync Quickbooks Online to TrustFile and your transactions do not appear in TrustFile.




Due to changes made by Intuit to the way Trustfile connects to Quickbooks to sync data, your Quickbooks connector stopped syncing on December 17, 2019. We are reaching out to you now to notify you that there is a new version the extractor so you can log into Trustfile to set it up.

Follow these steps before Jan 5th if you have auto-file enabled, or before Jan 10 if you request filing each period.

  1. Log into Trustfile and disable the existing QBO extractor(s). Please disable, not delete.
  2. Click the QBO tile and follow the steps to authorize the new connector.
    • Important: Choose December 17 as the start sync date for the new connector.
  3. Log in to check your transactions to make sure there are no duplicates from December 17th when the integration stopped working. If you find duplicates, delete them.
    • The extractor sync can take a few hours if you have a large number of transactions. 

After following these steps, your returns will build as normal and you can request filing or allow auto-file to proceed as normal.

This should only be necessary this month, as next month we will have a working extractor ready for you to configure.


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