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How can I avoid address errors on transactions from QuickBooks Online?


You see transactions on the All Errors tab with an address error, there is only partial address information and it does not match what you see in QuickBooks Online.



QuickBooks Online


  • Avoid errors by entering addresses on the Address tab of your QuickBooks Online Customer records (the Customer information card)
    • When you create an Invoice (Credit Memo, Sales Receipt, etc.) the address on the Customer will be used automatically
    • Information typed in the ‘Billing address’ and ‘Shipping to’ fields on an Invoice may be unreadable and result in an error within TrustFile
  • To fix existing transactions:
    • To fix these in TrustFile on the All Errors tab, click the checkbox by the transaction, then click Edit
    • To fix these in QuickBooks Online, update the Customer then update the Invoice
      • Go to Invoicing > Customers and select the Customer you are selling to, then click Edit
        • Update the Shipping address (or click Same as billing)
        • All future sales to that customer will have the address
      • Update the address on the Invoice
        • Select a different customer
        • Select the original customer, the address will be updated from the Customer card
        • Click Save
      • The updated transaction will be pulled into TrustFile at the next sync (within 24 hours)