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Am I able to import historical data into Avalara TrustFile?


You want to import historical data from the old version of TrustFile to the new version, but do not see the option to do so


Avalara TrustFile 


  • This is not a function of the new version of TrustFile. 
    • You will need to go into the old version of TrustFile and access the data there
  • TrustFile Online will start saving each return you do in the new software
    • You can access this information under "States and History"
  • The "import data" feature in the new version of TrustFile has nothing to do with importing historical information.
    • It can only be used to upload current information, such as the current month's gross sales, exempt sales, and taxable purchases, from an excel sheet that will be used to fill out your current tax return
    • If you do import transaction data from previous filings done in the old version of TrustFile, the data will be used to file the current period's return
      • This will cause the incorrect amount of sales and tax to be reported
      • You should only upload transaction data for the current period
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