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Why am I getting an Invalid Document Type error in import?


You are importing transactions into the admin console and see not all transactions were added, in reviewing the Error file you see "Invalid Document Type" and want to know how to resolve.


Avalara AvaTax


  • You need to a number in column C DocType, this is required for importing transactions:
    • To add a transaction to the admin console use Document types:

      • 1) Sales invoice 

      • 3) Purchase invoice 

      • 5) Return invoice 

      • 7) Inventory transfer invoice

    • To not add a transaction, and just calculate tax use document types:

      • 0) Sales order

      • 2) Purchase order 

      • 4) Return order 

      • 6) Inventory transfer order 


Note: List only the number in column C, do not list the name of the document type, for more information see Import Transaction Formats and Transaction Record Format Table