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How do I export transactions from the Admin Console for import?


You need to recalculate tax on several transactions and want to complete this via an import.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Go to Reports > Standard Sales Tax Reports > Export Reports > Document Lines
    • Pull the report for the period (and region) you need to adjust
    • Generate
  • Download the import template: Go to Tools > Import Data > choose Transactions > click Download
  • Copy the data from the Document Lines report and paste it in the correct column in the Transaction Import template and save it
    • Headers between the export file and the import file do not always match

  • Go to Tools > Import Data > choose Transactions > click Import


Note: Depending on the information you are updating, you may not need to copy all information from the report. You must include all required fields, to obtain the most precise tax also include the full address, item code, and tax code if applicable. Full information on the import template is included in the help file in the template download folder.