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How do I adjust a transaction using imports?


I need to adjust an existing transaction using imports.


Avalara Avatax


  • Use process code 4 on the import to adjust with calculation, 2 or 6 to adjust with tax as listed in the import 
    • See How to format the import template for details on each column and the required data
    • For previously imported transactions :
      • Use the original import file, go to Tools > View Imported File Status > Click on the file to download
      • Change what needs to be adjusted, including all the data that needs to be included in the final transactions.
    • For other transactions, use the same Document Code as is shown in Avalara AvaTax, filling out all additional information in the import template
  • Import the transactions file
    • Click Result to see the resulting tax
    • Click Error to see any transactions not possible to import due to missing information or conflicting data
    • Click the blue circle next to the batch code to see the updated transactions on the Transactions tab


Note: Only data included in the import will show in the transaction after the import is complete. Make sure all the data you want for each Document Code is included in your import file (all line items, Reference codes, tax codes, addresses, etc.), the imported transaction replaces the existing transaction in the Admin Console.

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