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How do I Install and Configure TaxNOW for WooCommerce v2.2.2?


You would like to install, configure, and/or update AvaTax TaxNOW for WooCommerce


TaxNOW for WooCommerce 



  • Prerequisites: Avalara account credentials., WooCommerce 2.0 or later,  an administrator account in WordPress.
  • Install: Go to  
    • Under AvaTax TaxNOW for WooCommerce click Add to Cart,
    • Click on your cart in the upper right-hand corner. 
    • Click Proceed to Checkout
    •  Proceed.png
    • Enter your information and the place order (No charge at this time)
    • You will get an email with a link to download AvaTax TaxNOW for WooCommerce – 
  • Go to your Plugins.
    • Find your currently installed TaxNow for WooCommerce plugin.
    • You will first deactivate the plugin, back it up, and then delete it. 
  • Go back to your Plugins, click Add New, click Upload.
    • Next click Choose File, select the location where you downloaded the package file, and click Install Now.
    • When it finishes installing, you can also click Activate to enable TaxNOW immediately.


  • Configure: Make sure the WooCommerce plugin is activated. Confirm that Woo’s built-in Tax settings are disabled and left blank.
    • tn_woo_taxes_off
    • Click Activate to enable TaxNOW
      • tn_woo_activate
  • TaxNOW will create a new section under WooCommerce’s dashboard panel once activated.
    • Enter your company’s shipping address and Avalara subscription credentials on the Tax tabtn_woo_menu_settings
    • Avalara Credentials these are provided when you purchase a subscription.
    • A Test Connection button is provided to verify your credentials are entered correctly
  • Origin address: enter the address for your company, or your primary Ship From address if different.
    • Click the Validate button to verify the address you entered is correct. It will also offer to correct and format the address according to USPS standards.
  • For more information go to

Next steps

If this doesn't fix your issue, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of WooCommerce.

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