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How can I connect multiple companies in Stripe to companies in the admin console?


You would like to know how to connect your multiple companies in Stripe to the companies in your admin console.




  • To connect your companies in Stripe to the companies in your AvaTax admin console, please go to the AvaTax for Stripe configuration page.

  • Log in with your credentials for this website.

    • If you cannot remember your password, please use the Recover option

    • If you have not setup an account yet, please use the Register option

  • On the Authenticate To Stripe tab, click Connect with Stripe

  • In the Switch account dropdown, select the company you would like to connect to AvaTax.

  • Fill in any necessary information to connect your Stripe account and click Connect my Stripe account

  • Fill in the necessary information to configure your AvaTax account.

  • When clicking Validate Account, if all information is correct, you will be prompted to select a company from your AvaTax admin console.

  • Make sure the AvaTax Integration Status box is checked and click Save Configuration.

  • To setup another company, click the Authenticate to Stripe tab and do the same process for the other company(s).