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Maintaining streamlined sales tax compliance


Here’s an overview of common tasks that will help you manage your Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) compliance.

Common tasks

What you might want to do

Related topics

Add new states

  • Use the Additional SST-CSP State Registration Application form to add additional SST states to your registration.
Understand SST exemption requirements
  • Learn about SST requirements for exemptions.
Understand SST transaction requirements
  • Learn how to meet the transaction requirements of both the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board and AvaTax. 
Understand how to create a sales tax credit and rebill
  • Learn how to create an invoice in AvaTax to credit sales tax back to a customer.
Understand SST filing timelines
  • Learn about SST filing timelines.
  • Learn about incorrect SST rates.
Reconcile returns with your general ledger
  • Ensure that your monthly returns match what's in your general ledger.
Understand vendor discounts for SST returns
  • Learn about vendor discounts for SST returns.
Amend and file a return late
  • Learn how to amend a return or file a late return.
Understand the Certified Service Provider (CSP) fee
  • Learn about the CSP fee and how it's paid.
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