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Is there a non taxable Streamlined SalesTax (SST)-approved tax code?


You used the tax code NT before using the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) service with Avalara as your certified service provider (CSP). You want to know if there is a tax code like NT available for use in SST states for nontaxable adjustments, like credits or debits, which do not include any specific item.


Avalara AvaTax

Streamlined Sales Tax (SST)


  • SST service requires use of tax codes which fit a particular product or service description.
    • There is no adjustment tax code or general non-taxable product tax code available in the Avalara service for SST users.
  • To receive a non-taxable result, you must use an SST approved tax code which is non taxable in the state where tax is being applied. We recommend using a code that fits the actual product or service description.