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How can I exempt customers in Sage 50?


A customer in Sage 50 is exempt, but AvaTax is still taxing transactions for them.


Sage 50


  • The customer record in Sage 50 has a resale field. If that is populated, the data there will be sent to Avalara AvaTax to exempt the transactions for that customer.
    •  In Sage 50 go to a customer record > Sales Info tab > enter exemption in Resale number > Save
  • You may also use Entity Use Codes to exempt your customer
    • In the AvaTax for Sage 50 program, pull up the AvaTax Configuration and go to Entity/Use Codes
      • Scroll down to the specific customer and click on the customer number
      • Select one of the pre-populated Entity Use Codes and press Ok
        • If you need to enter a custom Entity Use Code, at the bottom of this window enter the Entity Use Code to the Custom Code field and a brief description in the Description field
      • Press the Synchronize to Peachtree button
      • Press Ok
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