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How can I resolve the error "ECMS option is set to REQUIRED in AvaTax Console" in Sage 300?


You are trying to process a sale for a tax exempt customer but you received an error message (below) and want to know what you can do to complete the transaction.
ECMS option is set to REQUIRED in AvaTax Console
Response Tax Amount is XXX
Hence reverting the Exemption Class to Taxable


Sage 300


  • Determine why the sale is taxable and adjust your account settings
  • Go to the Admin Console > Settings >  Exemption Certificate Options > confirm Ignored or Optional is selected
  • Go to the Basic Tax Calculator (under Tools)
  • Create a $100 sale at the customer's address with the entity use code L*.
    • If tax is not calculated you can process the sale in Sage 300 without issue
  • If tax is calculated, the sale is in a state which does not accept L (other) exemptions
  • Create an Exempt Entity tax rule for the state to make L exempt



Note: SST customers cannot select Ignored or Optional in Exemption Certificate Options. Use ECMS, Avalara Certs, or Avalara CertCapture to create an exempt profile for all exempt customers.


*An exemption certificate is applied as an L (Other) type exemption if no entity use code is used or no exempt profile exists for the customer.