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Why do I get a country error when calculating in Sage 100?


A invalid country error occurs when trying to calculate in Sage 100. This can happen if the country in Sage 100 is listed as "JAP", for example.


Sage 100


 If you're using Sage 100 version 2017 and on: make sure you're running the latest version of the integration which you can download from Avalara Account > Integrations tab and install on your environment.  With the latest version, standard Sage 100 three-character ISO country codes are supported within the Connector.  Note that if you previously modified your Country List to use two-character ISO country codes, the solution is backward compatible and will honor your changes.  

If you're using Sage 100 version 2016: the country codes used must the two-character ISO codes. The AvaTax service is not able to recognize the three-character versions (except for "USA"). To make the two-character versions available in Sage 100, you will need to be logged in as an Admin.

  • Go to Modules >Library Master >Setup
  • Click on Country Code Maintenance
  • Add the two-character ISO codes where applicable
  • Modify the customer address(es) that caused the error to use the new two-character ISO code version.