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Why am I intermittently getting DLL and other Sage related errors in Sage 100?


Several users are not able to calculate tax in Sage 100, they are getting the error message " has to be registered to continue. Connection timed out because it couldn’t find the DLL.", some users are also not able to access features of Sage 100, such as AR_Invoices, etc. but then if they try again, they are able to calculate or access the feature without issue.


Sage 100


  • Since the issue is intermittent, happening with all users, and the same user can try to complete the exact same task again and experience no errors (even though no change has been made) this indicates that there is an issue with the server not having enough bandwidth to handle the traffic and respond to your users.
  • Please follow up with the company that hosts your Sage 100 service to confirm if they are having issues and possibly discuss upgrading your service with them to allow higher usage.
    • If you host Sage 100 in house, follow up with your IT department


Note: If the issue is not intermittent, please register the DLL