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How to uninstall AvaTax for Sage 100?


I need to remove AvaTax from Sage 100


Sage 100


To uninstall AvaTax, please delete the AvaTax configuration settings. This is a manual process.  

  • To find the AvaTax utilities, in the Home options list on the left side of Sage 100's main menu, go to Sage 100  > Modules > Library Master > Setup
    • Under Setup, click 'AvaTax Configuration'. 
    • Delete the AvaTax configuration settings such as 'Account Number', 'License Key', 'URL' and 'Tax Schedule'. 
  • As for the Sales Tax Codes and Customers Tax Schedule assignments, you will manually replace the Sales Tax Code and Customer Tax Schedule with what you had prior to using AvaTax. By removing the  AvaTax configuration settings will not revert your settings back automatically. You will need to manually re-configure your settings.



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