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How do I restore the Avatax buttons in Sage 100?


I do not see the validate address and calculate tax buttons in Sage 100.


Sage 100


  • If you have customized screens in Sage 100 (as denoted by an asterisk next to the title of the screen at the top of the window) and find that after installing Sage Sales Tax or after updating other customizations you are missing one or more Avatax buttons on your Sage 100 screens, the steps below will resolve this issue.
    • Have all users log out of Sage 100
    • Log in as a user with permissions to work in the Custom Office module.
    • Run "Update Panels to Current Level"
    • From the Custom Office Menu in the left-hand pane select "Utilities" and then "Update Custom Panels to Current Level."
    • Then, in the "Update Custom Panels to Current Level" window, click OK and follow on screen prompts
    • Run "Rebuild Customizer Log"
    • From the Custom Office Menu in the left-hand pane select "Utilities" and then "Rebuild Customizer Log"
    • In the "Rebuild Customizer Log" window click OK, and follow on screen prompts.
    • Confirm buttons have been restored
  • At this point, the Avatax buttons should be visible on your Sage 100 screens.  If they are not we have found that it may be required to run through "Update Custom Panels to Current Level" and "Rebuild Customizer Log" a second time.
  • If you are still facing an issue run the Custom Office "Update panels" utility. If it still isn't working please contact Avalara support.


Note:  Running these utilities will reset all customizations within the modules specified in the Rebuild Customizer Log.