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Why is my 'Manage and Approve Returns' page refreshing slowly?


You are concerned that your Manage and Approve Returns page is refreshing too slowly and would like to continue reconciling

What's Next

Refreshes tend to take longer the closer we get to the deadline of the 10th at 5pm PST:

  • Your Manage and Approve Returns page refreshes four times per day, each state updating individually
    • As a result, the Manage and Approve Returns page refreshes on average every six hours

If you recently made changes to your transactions, it is possible that your returns have not updated with those changes yet. Refreshes of your data take place every hour automatically or you can refresh the return yourself.


As an alternative, generate a Tax liability worksheet summary return detail report:

  • The Tax liability worksheet summary return detail report will show you the detailed amounts including missing filing calendars, filing frequencies, and carry-over credits that could be contributing to the discrepancy:
    • Reports > Liability & tax return reports
    •  Report category: Select 'Liability & tax return reports' 

    • Report name: Select 'Tax liability worksheet summary return detail'
    • Select the most current month of the filing period (if quarterly, the figures for the entire quarter will also generate - for ex. June 2019 will also include figures for April and May if quarterly)
    • Click Generate and Download report ( This report will be exported as an Excel (.xls) file )
  • Even though it isn't labeled as such, the B&O amount is placed in column AC: Other Adjustments.

Reports are located on a different server - and update much more frequently so if you'd like to see the changes, you may generate report - knowing that the Manage and Approve Returns page will be refreshing off of the same data.

*Note: depending on the report, the figures may still produce different figures (for example, if you have multiple companies and only pulling a report for one)


How often do they update?


  • The reports update process starts every 30 minutes.
    • It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours to complete depending on the size of the data, the time of the month, and general server performance. 
    • In the case where a report takes 20 minutes to complete, a transaction added at 1:59 PM appears in the reports by 2:20 PM.
  • View the time the reports were last updated on the Reports Tab.
    • The Report data last updated time is at the top of the page.