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Why are all my sales listed as retail on my HI return?


On your HI return, you noticed that Part 2 lists all your sales under retailing on line 8 while you have another type of business activity.


  • Avalara Returns
  • Hawaii


  • By default, all sales are listed as retailing.
  • If you would like sales listed in any of the other categories, a case must be created to notify our Compliance team of the changes you would like listed.
    • The case must include:
      • Company name (if you have multiple listed in AvaTax)
      • Return period
      • Form
      • Sales amount you want listed
      • The specific line you want the sales listed on.
    • Example request:
      • Please list the following sales amounts on line 9 (Services Including Professional) on the HI G-45 return for May 2017 for company Test123.
      • Gross Sales: 10,000.00
      • Exemptions: 6,000.00
      • Taxable Sales: 4,000.00
  • All transactional data must be in AvaTax to be able to allocate the sales as requested.
  • This would have to be done for each period you would like the allocation of sales to be done.
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