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How do I remove a carry-over credit from my Liability Worksheet reports?


You have a carry-over credit listed in your Liability Worksheet reports that you would like removed so that it will not be filed on a future return.


Avalara Returns


  • Please submit a Support case to have the carry-over credit removed.
    • Include the following information:
      • State
      • Form
      • Document code for carry-over credit
      • Document Date for carry-over credit
      • Amount of credit
  • Our Reconciliations team will remove the carry-over credit between the 1st through the 10th, when your worksheet(s) is open.
  • Once a carry-over credit is removed from your Liability Worksheet reports, it cannot be added back.
    • The transaction will still be visible on your Transactions tab and Reconcile Reports but will no longer be labeled as a carry-over credit.