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How do I set up a recurring Prepayment or Prior Payment amount each month for returns?


You want to know if you could set up a recurring Prepayment or Prior Payment amount each month for returns.


Avalara Returns


  • To make sure that you are properly setup for recurring Prepayments and Prior Payments, please make sure that you have the appropriate filing calendars setup.
    • For states that require you to file on a quarterly frequency but with monthly prepayments, you would need an additional filing calendar for the prepayment on top of the one already setup for your return:
      • CA - CA BOE 1150
      • IA - IA Monthly Deposit
      • NJ - NJ ST-51
      • NY - NY ST-809
        • NY also has the PrompTax program which is an additional payment on top of the monthly prepayments.
          • This requires assistance from our Compliance team to be setup.
    • For states that require a prepayment on top of the monthly return but the payments must be separate of the filed return, an additional filing calendar will also be needed:
      • OK - OK Monthly Prepayment
      • PA - PA Monthly Prepayment
    • Currently, one state has a separate filing calendar for a combined return and prepayment.
      • AL - AL 2105
        • This would require you expire the AL 2100 as that will no longer be needed.
    • At this time, AvaTax does not support multiple prepayments in a single month.
      • For states such as IL, that may require you to make a prepayment each week of a given month, you will have to make the payments directly to the state and then report the prior payments in your admin console so that we do not pay the same liability again.
    • For any other states that you are required to file sales tax prepayments to, our Compliance team must set that up in the back end.
    • Once your have setup any necessary filing calendars in your Admin Console, please contact our Support team to ensure your prepayment requirements are thoroughly documented.
      • Please make sure to include whether you have a set prepayment amount, and what that amount is, or if you wish us to calculate the prepayment based off of each state's requirements.

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