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Why does AvaTax not place the calculated tax in the native tax field in QuickBooks Online transactions?


You recently installed the AvaTax for Quickbooks Online integration. When you calculate tax on a transaction, you have noticed that no tax is added to the Tax field and a line item that says 'Total sales tax calculated ' is added to the items.


QuickBooks Online


  • This is expected behavior in the AvaTax for QuickBooks Online connector.
    • Intuit did not provide Avalara with full access to the tax features in QuickBooks Online.
  • As such, the integration is not able to list the tax calculated in the Tax field on the invoice.
    • Instead a line item is added with the tax amount.
  • Unfortunately there is no work around or fix for this issue until Intuit gives the AvaTax developers more access to the tax fields in QuickBooks. The native QuickBooks Tax field will remain blank and a line item with the calculated sales tax will be added to the transaction.