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Why are my Quickbooks online transactions not calculating tax or posting?


You have processed a sale in QuickBooks Online, saved it, and then reopened it, but there is no tax showing. The products are taxable, the customer is not exempt, and it has been at least 30 seconds since you saved the invoice. You want to know why the invoice does not have tax and is not posted in AvaTax.


QuickBooks Online (QBO)


  • This is most likely caused by the customer status, if you have Tax only taxable customers selected in your configuration
    • Open the customer record and review the Tax Info tab:
      • Check "This customer is taxable"
      • Ensure the Resale # is blank (if customer is exempt)
    • ​Open the invoice > click Save
    • Invoice should be sent to AvaTax and tax updated
  • It will not update if the invoice status is Paid
    • If Paid, remove payment, then update, and add payment once tax calculates


Note: If you want to send all transactions to Avalara, select Tax all customers in the configuration on To mark all customers as taxable when created go to the Sales Tax Center, select Edit sales tax settings in Related Tasks to the right, then make all new customers taxable, click save.