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Are multiple users able to calculate sales tax in Quickbooks Online?


Multiple users are trying to calculate sales tax in QuickBooks Online. When you try to integrate another user with QuickBooks Online to use AvaTax you receive an errort.

Error Code: app_already_purchased

Message: The application has already been subscribed to by another user for this company. 


Avalara AvaTax

QuickBooks Online


  •  It is a restriction from QuickBooks Online (QBO), that for single QBO account if another user tries to Integrate with same service (such as Avalara in this case) which is already added by another user (Primary) then QuickBooks Online throws an exception that the 'application is already purchased by – user'.

    If any other user for the QBO company sign in with Intuit with their userId and password then that user without separately integrating with Avalara WILL BE ABLE to use all Avalara services without doing any separate Integration.

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