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QuickBooks Online bill to used for tax calculations


Transactions calculated by AvaTax for QuickBooks Online between November 2014 and January 2015 may be in error. We are contacting any customers who have been impacted by this software bug, and we will provide them with a list of invoices that were affected. This page shows the software procedure to adjust the miscalculated transactions. 

The transactions were miscalculated when the software could not validate the shipping address. In these cases the shipping address was replaced by the bill-to address. This problem was fixed in the January 13 release of AvaTax for QuickBooks Online version 2.5. The software now displays an error message when the shipping address cannot be calculated.


To adjust the data in QuickBooks Online and in AvaTax, credit back the original invoice in each of the systems. Then create a new, accurate invoice.

For each miscalculated invoice do the following:

  • In QuickBooks Online, create a credit with amounts (including tax) that match the original invoice.
  • In the AvaTax Admin Console, find the invoice on the Transactions page.
    • Write down the destination address and note the totals.
  • On the Transactions tab, click on New to manually enter information into AvaTax.
    • Using the same address, create a new version of the original invoice that has negative dollar amounts.
    • The document code should be the same as the credit memo that you created earlier in QuickBooks Online.
    • If you want to create an amended filing, make the document date match the original invoice date.
    • If you want to have the credit appear in the next filing, use today's date.
    • When all the totals match the original (but are negative), click Save as Committed.
  • Create a new invoice in QuickBooks Online that matches the original. The correct ship-to address will now be sent to AvaTax.
    • Check the AvaTax Admin Console to make sure that the new invoice has the correct address.
      • If there is an error when AvaTax calculates, please contact Avalara support.
    • If you want to create an amended filing, match the new invoice date with the original invoice date.
    • If you want to have the new invoice appear in the next filing, use today's date.


Note: If you have concerns about this process, or the impact it may have, please contact Avalara support