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Why is tax not calculating properly in QuickBooks?


Tax is not calculating correctly in QuickBooks suddenly and you want to know how to find the cause of the unexpected tax amount.


Avalara Avatax



  • Log into the admin console using this link to start a WalkThru which will show how to review the details
    • Pull up the transaction using the customer name and invoice date
      • The Walk Thru shows which areas of the transaction affect tax and will highlight special features of your transaction
  • Go to Quickbooks and correct the information which was unexpected
    • Make the needed change to the item, customer, or address, etc.
    • Go to the invoice > apply the corrected item, customer, or address by selecting any other > Re-Select the corrected item, customer or address again > Save to refresh the invoice
    • You apply the correction by making a different selection (item, customer, etc.) then selecting the corrected one
      • If you do not reselect the corrected one, the invoice does not update with the corrected data