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Why Isn't Avatax starting up After Opening QuickBooks?


You Open QuickBooks but Avatax for QuickBooks doesn't Launch




  • In QuickBooks go to  Edit > Preferences and ensure that "Keep QuickBooks running for quick start-ups" is unchecked.  
  • Completely exit out of QuickBooks.  Once QuickBooks is closed, ensure that each of the following processes are not running (within the Windows Task Manager):
    • EventCallbackWrapper
    • AvalaraEventCallbackWrapper
    • QBW32
  • Right click on the icon for QuickBooks, select "Run As Administrator".  Log in as Admin.  If QuickBooks prompts you to manually navigate to the location of the Company File, do so.  Attempt to enter File > AvaTax > Configuration.  If it works, exit out, run QuickBooks normally, and attempt again.
  • If the previous step does not work, exit the program, and run QuickBooks normally, logging in as Admin once again. Attempt to access File > AvaTax > Configuration.
  •  Exit QuickBooks completely, ensure that the above-listed processes are not running, then navigate to the Program Files location of the AvaTax for QuickBooks application (usually C:/Program Files/Avalara/...).  Run "Unsubscribe" two times, and one more time as Administrator, then run "Subscribe" once as Administrator.  These functions can be ran by either double-clicking, or by right clicking and selecting Open.
  • Right click on QuickBooks > select "Run as Administrator"
    • The Avalara program window should open as normal with QuickBooks startup
  • ​If QuickBooks Application Certificate appears, select Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open
  • Go to File AvaTax Configuration > click Test Connection > click OK to confirm configuration 
  • Avatax will now appear on the File just above Exit.




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