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Where do I find the credentials for Avatax configuration in QuickBooks?


I was not provided the credentials for the Avatax Configuration of QuickBooks.


Avalara AvaTax


  • The credentials for the Avatax configuration in QuickBooks are emailed to you via the welcome email and are always available in your admin console.
    • Company code: Found in admin console at the Organization tab.
    • URL : (Production)
    • Account: In the top right of the Admin Console in grey.
    • License Key: Please contact your account admin (internal to your business) for this information.
      • It is not stored by Avalara and Avalara has no access to this value as it is highly sensitive. 
      • If you can not find your license key, it can be reset in the Admin Console by clicking Settings > Reset License key
        • This will break the connection to the service for all software connecting to it, until the new License Key is entered into the integration.