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Keep Connector for QuickBooks Desktop up to date

This article applies to:AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop


Here’s a list of topics that provides an overview of common tasks you can perform to automate tax calculations for your business based on the rules and rates in your jurisdiction.

Common tasks

What you might want to do

Related topics

Connect QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax
  • Connect QuickBooks Desktop to AvaTax for tax calculation and other related functionalities.
Update connector for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Update connector for QuickBooks Desktop to use the most recent version of the connector.
Manage settings for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Learn about default and customized settings associated with Connector for QuickBooks Desktop.
Enable address validation
  • Validate ship-to addresses based on the USPS database.
Exempt customers from tax
  • Exempt customers from tax on their purchases.
Reconcile tax in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Reconcile tax discrepancies between QuickBooks Desktop and AvaTax.
Troubleshoot AvaTax error messages in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Learn about common error messages and ways to resolve those errors.