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How do I resolve 'Error while subscribing to QuickBooks events. The version of QBXML that was requested is not support or is unknown."?


You are trying to install AvaTax and receive "Error while subscribing to QuickBooks events. Function Name = DoSubscribeEvents 80040423. The version of QBXML that was requested is not supported or is unknown. Please login using Administrator Privileges and try again."


QuickBooks Desktop


  • Close Quickbooks and check in taskmanager to make sure no instances of QBW32.EXE are still present

  • Open an elevated command prompt. Got to Start, All Programs, Accessories and locate Command Prompt. Right click it and choose "Run as Administrator"

  • type cd\ then hit enter

  • type cd\Program files (x86)\Avalara\AvaTax Adapter\Bin          then hit enter

  • at the prompt c:\program files (x86)\Avalara\AvaTax Adapter\Bin  type subscribe           and hit enter

  • the screen will do a quick pause and return to the prompt if sucessful. If you still get the error message you will need to get a system administrator to assist you by logging in on your PC and run as a domain administrator

  • Have the system administrator follow the above steps.

  • If the system administrator still gets the error message, it is possible you do have a corrupted QuickBooks Desktop installation

  • We suggest uninstalling and re-installing Avatax for Quickbooks, then uninstall Quickbooks, Reboot your PC, re-install Quickbooks and re-install Avatax then check if the issue still persists

    • If you still see the error, please reach out to your Quickbooks representative or Intuit Technical Support