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How do I prevent Avatax from calculating in other companies in Quickbooks?


When using multiple companies in Quickbooks with Avatax installed, it will attempt to install and be configured in each one as they are opened.  Customer wishes to have control which companies Avatax interracts with.


Quickbooks all versions.


To prevent Avatax from operating in a specific company within Quickbooks, deny it access by using the Integrated Applications.

You must be in single user mode and logged in as admin. The first time the specific company file has been opened after installing Avatax, you will be presented with a permission screen for the integrated application. By simply leaving the selection at No and saving, you will have denied Avatax access and will not be prompted again. If  you wish to deny access after it has been granted,  go to Edit>Preferences>Integrated applications, choose Company Preferences.  Select Avatax from the list and click Properties. On the Access Rights tab, uncheck  "Allow this application to read and modify this company file" then click OK. Exit Quickbooks and restart it. You will have stopped all Avatax functions within the selected company.





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