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Why am I getting the AvaTax error, 'Error accessing Quickbooks data'?


When calculating tax on a transaction, the calculation pop-up stops halfway through and the error, 'Error accessing Quickbooks data,' is given.



Avalara AvaTax


  • This is a known error in the AvaTax for Quickbooks v.75 and v.76 
    • A fix was released in v.77 in February 2016
  • If running versions .75 and .76, please uninstall AvaTax version .75/.76 and roll back to version .74 (Contact Avalara Support for version 74)
    • Once version.74 installation is complete, go to File > AvaTax > Configuration > General and press "Test Connection" button
    • You should now be able to calculate tax on transactions
  • If running .77 or newer check the AvaTax configuration by clicking "Test Connection".  
    • The Username and/or Password may be incorrect. Verify credentials are correct by logging into the AvaTax Admin Console.
    • If other users are not receiving the error, check the License Key in their AvaTax Configuration. Update the License Key on workstation receiving the error.